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Melodic And Inspiring Solo Piano Music

Do You enjoy the melodic and contemporary sound of New-Age piano music?
By artists like David Lanz, Jim Brickman & George Winston?
Are you a pianist who is looking for enjoyable new music to learn and play?

My name is Charles Kinney and I have been composing and performing
piano music for nearly 18 years. Some years ago I began to incorporate
some of my own original piano compositions when I played at weddings
and gatherings as filler between the popular songs that had been requested.

I was suprised that people began to notice and would ask who wrote them! This encouraged me to work in more and more of my own piano music until soon nearly my entire song set were my original works! Now my friends and family have been encouraging me for years to record and publish my music.

So here you’ll find some of my some of my favorite songs to play.
These are the songs that have recieved the best responses from my audiences These are the songs that no matter what other songs I have written, I come back to these over and over. These are the songs I play when I want to just to “sit down and play”. When someone asks me to play something, it’s usually one
of these songs I play.

It’s All About The Melody

A strong, well defined melody is the key to a memorable song.
In all my piano songs I always strive to focus on a strong melodic theme
and well defined song form. These songs are less about flashy piano technique and more about melodic themes supported by simple harmonies inside the framework of solid song form (AAA ABA ABCA etc…)

So check out the Purchase My Sheet Music page for video demos of each song.

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